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 Strength doesn't come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't!


This is me: before, after and in-between. 



I wanted to share how far I have come since year 12. I've been out of school two years and it has been up and down but overall I'm glad where life has lead me. I was a very unhappy overweight kid in year 12, but I have slowly overcome obstacles that were in my way. I have learned to love myself; instead of the old me, who hated me.

I joined Z Fit Studios with my sister and started with pole dancing. At first I was like why am I here, everyone hates me, I hate me and then the lovely girls there helped me to just be me. The whole experience at Z Fit brought out the best in me, I made new friends and they helped me to help myself and get out of my comfort zone. I tried Burlesque, Hip Hop, Aerial Yoga, Zumba, Pole Jam, Tyre Express an even Twerking class. I joined the 12 week challenge and lost 13kg, I did it again after that and I went from being over 100kg down to 73kg. Now and I can actually look in the mirror and actually love who I am, thanks to Z Fit.  There were challenges along the way but I overcame these - I can even run 14km now! Thanks for the journey of helping me discover who I want to be and also where I never want to go back to again. You have no idea how much it means to me to have confidence, like what I see and who I am!

  Amy, 27
Participating in the 12 Week Challenge & joining Z Fit Studios really is “THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE” I have a whole new way of life now. I am fitter, healthier, and happier and best one of all 10 kilos lighter I endured fantastic support from the girls (my weight loss consultants; Jacqui, Saari & Halina) they truly inspired, guided, supported and believed in me; through my 12 week journey. “I took control, committed, and made a decision that I want and need to do this. Of course there can be hurdles and setbacks, I GOT OVER IT. I made the most of every minute and grew stronger from every obstacle I faced. Now I can confidently say I AM A WINNER! “BE STRONG, POSITIVE AND DETERMINED” Go for it, you can and will do it.
   Robin, 51

"Having joined gyms before, I expected more hard work and no fun. Doing the 12 week challenge has been way more fun than I expected! The instructors and coaches were fun and focussed, and being part of a team effort kept me motivated. Identification of short term goals kept our objectives achievable. Yes, it was hard work, but we all met goals, got fitter, lost weight and made friends! Recipes are delicious, and all the extra activities are worthwhile, and fun to do. I'll definitely be back for maintenance and Zumba!"

     Alison, 47

"I highly recommend this program if you are serious about changing your lifestyle and the way you think about food. I feel fabulous since undertaking the program and I am really enjoying adjusting all my recipes to make them that bit healthier for the whole family. My aim was to feel better about myself and I definitely do!! I am full of energy and with all the support from the wonderful people running the program I haven't looked back. So if you are thinking... "maybe" but are not sure - Just do it!!! It is worth it!

     Trudi, 44

"I never thought at 44, and after having 4 kids, that I would have abs or anything that resembles them. 12 months ago I also thought I would never find something so funny that I would laugh so hard I would cry. Thank you Z Fit and the 12 Week Challenge”

     Liz, 38

"Doing the 12 week challenge and the subsequent maintenance program was the best decision I ever made. I admit when I began the program I had reservations; nothing had ever worked before, why should this? However in my first week I lost over 1 kilo, and next week I lost another kilo, then I was hooked, I almost believed that my 10 kilo goal was achievable. It wasn't always easy, getting children to eat can be tricky at the best of times and changing the menu on them makes for difficult meal times, but with constant support and encouragement (for me) slow and steady won the race! My girls favourite lunch is Saari's scrambled eggs with ham in place of smoked salmon, and my son loves the thai chicken stir-fry. Now half way through the maintenance program I have lost over 10 kilos and I am still losing weight. I have more energy and feel so much healthier. The support I received from Jacqui and Saari was invaluable I could not have done it without them. Thank you so much for everything you have done and for your continued support."

     Liza, 41

"It feels great seeing results in all aspects. It has helped with my food intake and balancing protein, calories & carbs"

     Erin, 25

"The program has lots of varied activities which I really enjoyed. It feels like more than just a program - I feel like I'm a part of a community. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I love the nutrition complete website and the running groups. Everyone has commented on my success, not only with weight loss but with how happy I am now."

     Sara, 26

"The support & encouragement we receive from our buddies, other 12 week members & the teachers is amazing."

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