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Z Fit Studios is among the first organisations to bring aerial circus classes to the Bendigo region.
While we have been home for aerial circus athletes and artists, who have been training for years; we have a special place and love for those who haven't tried this form of sports before. We encourage beginners by providing special Beginners Introductory Courses and by providing a strong supportive environment to welcome new people to this amazing sports.
Our Circus department is studded with high-class calibre including faculty members from Cirque du Soleil. Our courses are delivered by trained instructors who use a very solid curriculum to deliver this training to you in a professional yet fun and friendly environment. And so much so that once you start training with Z Fit Studios, you will be pleasantly surprised that how amazing and fun it is and how quickly you will gain new skills and start to see results.
For those who are looking to learn new skills, choreography, dance we design and balance our classes to let you explore your creativity; and for those who are simply wanting to train and gain strength, our classes will change the way you exercise forever.

Curriculum designed by professionals

Z Fit Studios' Aerial Circus curriculum has been designed by years of professional experience by professionals who have years of solid circus and acrobatic and dance training along with knowledge of physical anatomy and body mechanics.
Thus a highly advanced curriculum that helps our students to excel by not only enhancing their abilities, understanding and applying principles of physics and human physiology the same way as athletes use to reach the pinnacle of their performance, and to attain the highest level of safety.
You will be amazed that with professionally trained instructors and a well-defined curriculum learning aerial circus can be so much fun.
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Our classes - miles above the rest

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Intro to Aerials
Build muscle and strength, increase flexibility and learn some amazing tricks. Try all apparatus suspended from the roof which includes hoop, hammock, silks and trapeze. The class will consist of a warm-up, stretching and conditioning as well as learning basic skills, all while having so much fun you won't want the class to end. Our instructors are passionate about aerial and circus and will tailor classes to fitness and strength levels, with a strong focus on safety.
Aerial Trapeze
Trapeze is a single bar with ropes on the sides rigged to a single point, creating a V shape. Trapeze combines elements of the hoop and aerial rope to create dynamic, beautiful performances. Swing, spin, and pose on and under the bar, and climb, invert, wrap and drop in the ropes! All while suspended in the air!
Aerial Hammocks
Our anti-gravity hammocks are one piece of fabric hung at both ends rigged to a single point to create a closed fabric loop. Learn twisting sequences, drops, poses and spinning transitions and perform breathtaking routines. Because of the support offered by the hammock, this is a great starting point for aerial beginners. We offer advanced Aerial Dance classes for students looking to develop their technique and execute skills fluidly in a sequence and routine, often while spinning.
Aerial Hoop
Aerial Hoop (Lyra) is a circular steel ring rigged to a single point on the roof. This apparatus brings together strength, gracefulness and skill, providing the perfect frame for your acrobatic moves. Work at a height comfortable for you, and learn mounts, dismounts and poses in and under the hoop, as well as above the hoop on the sling!
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Aerial Silks
Aerial Silks (Tissu) is 2 strips of fabric hung from a single point on the roof. In these classes, you will learn spectacular tricks and jaw-dropping drops, while rapidly increasing strength and flexibility. A very versatile apparatus, silks can be tailored to all abilities so you can progress at your own pace to climb, pose, drop and twist yourself into knots, all in the air!
Tumbling and acrobalance is a floor-based circus class suitable for all fitness levels. This class focuses on building strength, conditioning, technique and control in a fun and encouraging atmosphere! Learn fundamental tumbling and acrobalance skills including a mix of individual, partner and small group work.
Handstand on Poles

Memberships designed for real value and to serve every need

And we understand our members, like no one else. We understand that we all have different needs and dedication level when it comes to our learning and training.
With over 140 classes delivered across multiple domains each week in Bendigo by Z Fit Studios, our Department Managers and trained instructors can guide you to choose the best suited and value for money membership for you.
Following your goals should not be difficult and no one understands it better than us. While you follow your dreams, we have got you covered. 
Check out the best membership options for you.
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