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Z Fit Studios is among the first organisations to bring pole classes to the Bendigo region. The pole classes at Z Fit Studios are fun and incredibly rewarding. These classes have been carefully designed for all ages, genders and abilities
It involves elements of dance, acrobatics, and performing art. Thousands of people worldwide now use pole fitness to have fun, meet new people, learn new skills, and get in shape! 
While we have been home for pole athletes and artists, who have been training for years; we have a special place and love for those who haven't tried this form of sports before. We encourage beginners by providing special Beginners Introductory Courses and by providing a strong supportive environment to welcome new people to this amazing sports.
Our courses are delivered by trained instructors who use a very solid curriculum to deliver this training to you in a professional yet fun and friendly environment. And so much so that once you start training with Z Fit Studios, you will be pleasantly surprised that how amazing and fun it is and how quickly you will gain new skills and start to see results.
For those who are looking to learn new skills, choreography, dance we design and balance our classes to let you explore your creativity; and for those who are simply wanting to train and gain strength, our classes will change the way you exercise forever.

Curriculum designed by professionals

As you will complete your beginner fundamentals you will find that our entire curriculum is designed on a unique concept called FIT Syllabus.
With the Fundamental - the ‘base moves’ you will learn the basic fundamentals of a particular level and dance style.
With the Instinctive element - the 'enjoyable moves’, it is important to have a move that everyone enjoys and feels comfortable doing.
And then the Technique part - The ‘growth moves’ which may be a bit more challenging however you will gain higher skills and get ready for the next level. 
You will be amazed that with professionally trained instructors and a well-defined curriculum learning pole is so much fun. 
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Our classes - miles above the rest

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Learn fundamentals, routines, new tricks and combos, static elements, dance elements, floor work and transitions, flexibility and strength all as part of your curriculum.
You can build your complete body strength and endurance while learning and refining your techniques as you go from one level to the next level during your pole artistry and sports training journey.
The various levels of classes are complimented by various other classes such as strength and stretch, pole lyrical, pole mix, pole spins & complementary practice sessions.
You will sweat, gain strength, flex your muscles and yet have the biggest smile on your face.     

Memberships designed for real value and to serve every need

And we understand our members, like no one else. We understand that we all have different needs and dedication level when it comes to our learning and training.
With over 140 classes delivered across multiple domains each week in Bendigo by Z Fit Studios, our Department Managers and trained instructors can guide you to choose the best suited and value for money membership for you.
Following your goals should not be difficult and no one understands it better than us. While you follow your dreams, we have got you covered. 
Check out the best membership options for you.
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