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Develop fit & healthy habits in your kids - Benefits of physical activities for children

As a parent, you tend to pass more than just genes down to your kids. Your kids pick up your habits also – both good and bad.

Everyone wants their kids to be happy and healthy but sometimes the journey can be quite overwhelming. Create a healthy atmosphere and share with your kids’ healthy habits and see them grow into fit, healthy teens.

As per the recommendation by World Health Organisation (WHO) and the recent studies by the Australian Government - Department of Health, 4 out of 5 children in Australia don’t get the daily 1 hour of physical activity they need for good health. For more parents, it is becoming a challenge is to encourage their kids to sit less. With modern typical lifestyle, entertainment systems, seated video games, computers and mobile gadgets, encouraging children to be active is not an easy thing.

Make exercising a family activity

One way to deal with the challenge discussed above it making a 'healthy lifestyle' a family ritual. Family is an important aspect of wellness. In fact, it is believed that the number one driver of healthy living among kids is having a good family relationship. Most children copy what their parents do. Try to exercise with your kids.

Involve them in fitness activities so that they develop the right attitude. If you are able to develop fitness and healthy habits in your kids early on, they’ll try to live a healthy lifestyle on their own.

Re-think exercises to make kids’ physical activities more fun

Physical activities don’t always have to be an organized team sport or vigorous workout sessions. When dealing with kids, try to make sure their physical activities are fun and enjoyable. Enrol them in classes and see them grow leaps and bounds. There are several great classes available for kids including kids ballet, kids hoop, kids hip-hop, kids trapeze, kids tumbling and more.

These classes not only provide kids with their daily dose of an active lifestyle but also infuse elements of creativity, collaboration, team-building and great social skills. And along with that, there are a variety of programs available for kids with special abilities too. Many of these programs are designed to enhance their unique learning abilities, which makes these programs fun and win-win for all.

Z Fit Studios – Offering the most fun, interactive classes for your kids

At Z Fit Studios, we provide a huge and very exciting catalogue of classes for kids to help them grow and develop their fitness and creativity. These classes are delivered without any pressure of exams or test, rather these programs have been developed by the faculty to keep them engaged and use their genuine curiosity to learn and grow.

The programs have been specially designed which includes classes such as Monkey Kidz, Circus, Aerial apparatus like Hoops, Hammocks, Silks and Trapeze, various Dancing styles like Ballet and Hip-hop among many others.

We have seen that kids love these programs and parents can see the benefits of them having these programs that often we have seen some of our members graduating from kids to teens and from teens to adults programs.

For more information, visit our official website to provide the best options to your child.

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