Important information for students regarding 2020 Showcase

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

It’s almost time for lights, camera, action with our 2020 showcase just days away!

Here are a few things to note before taking the stage, we’ve even included a little checklist to help you get organised.


We have already sold almost 200 tickets! Don’t forget to book your tickets. Tickets can be purchased individually, in groups of 10 or in groups of 20. Make note of how many you’re booking for as on the night, group bookings will be required to stick together with intermingling between groups prohibited.

You can book tickets online here or via the Z Fit Studios app.

Dress rehearsal

All performers are required to attend the dress rehearsal on Friday night (December 11) - Children are not required at the dress rehearsal.

Please arrive at the dress rehearsal by 7.45pm meeting behind the stage between the stage and marquee.

All performers should come to the dress rehearsal prepared in full hair and makeup as it will be on the night of the performance and have their costumes with them ready to wear. Please note only 19 people can be in the dressing room/marquee at any one time.

For performers hiring costumes, these will be available for you to use at dress rehearsal, they MUST be returned that night. And will be distributed again to you on the Saturday night by your class teacher.

Please make sure you know your entrance and exit points to keep the run of the show smooth and please follow all instructions provided by the technical crew who will be working to ensure you are adequately lit and seen for performances.

Night of the show

All performers will need to arrive at the Garden for the Future by 7:15pm at the absolute latest ready for a safety briefing. Please meet behind the stage between the stage and the marquee. Please arrive with your hair done and makeup applied.

Costumes are to be covered at all times when not on stage as not to spoil the surprise to the audience. Please consider wearing a cape, kimono, jacket or similar.

All Z Fit performers will sit together at the back of the audience and make their way down to the stage appropriately 3 items before their routine. When lining up for your routine, please remember to be respectful to those on stage. If you wish to sit with your family & friends that’s fine but please ensure minimum 3 items before. Please note some items are only 1 minute long, so it would only give you three minutes before you are on stage! Take note at dress rehearsal for timing.

Showcase Running Order

Pre Show

-Kids Contemporary & Adult Contemporary (Robbie) “Black Mambo”

Act One

Welcome to Country and Introduction 8pm

Urban (Jennifer) “Attention”


Zumba Performance “La Isla Boniface”

Robbie (Contemporary Academy Performance)

Fairy Ballet (Gabby) & Monkey Kidz (Robbie) “Show Yourself”

Addy Solo

Kidz Music Theatre (Gabby) & Kidz Silk Beg (Robbie) “The Other Side”

Silk Inter (Robbie) “I Got You Babe”

Teenz Hip Hop (Gabby) & Teenz Pole (Gabby) “Scooby Doo Pa Pa”

Kidz Ballet (Saari) & Kidz Hoop Beg/Inter (Robbie) “All is found”

Tap (Jennifer) & Pole Beginner (X4 Instructors) “Overture Chicago”

All that Jazz (Saari)

Jennifer (Tap Academy Performance) “The Room where it happens”

Hammock Advanced (Jess) “Radioactive”

Whitney (Academy Performance)

Jacqui Solo projected

Kidz Hip Hop (Gabby) & Kidz Hammock Beg/Inter (Jess/Robbie) “Uptown Funk”

Act Two

Silk Advanced (Robbie) "Crawl Out through the fallout"

Lyrical (Gabby) & Pole Spin Beg (Gabby) “I don’t want to live forever”

Pole Inter/Adv Spin (Nina) “Only You”

Music Theatre (Jennifer) & Hammock Beg (Addy) “Friend Like Me”

Intermediate/Advanced Teens Pole (Holly) “Things we lost in the fire”

Burlesque (Maddy) & Pole 8/9 (Holly) “I Walk the Line”

Pole Elite (Nina) “Step Back in Time”

Twerk (Gabby) & Pole ¾ (Gabby) “Shake your pom pom”

Pole Choreography (Nina) “God is a Woman”

Hoop Advanced (Robbie) “Maybe”

Hoop Inter/Beg (Robbie) “The Power of Love

Commercial (Maddy) & Pole L2 (Di) “End of time”

Holly Solo

Jazz (Jennifer) & Silk Beg (Robbie/Addy) “One Night Only”


  • All costumes and accessories

  • Stockings or tights and a spare pair

  • Shoes ( Ballet shoes, Jazz shoes, canva shoes, runners, heels)

  • Socks

  • Hair pieces

  • Undergarments/flesh toned bra, clear straps, body stockings, seamless underwear

  • Hair brush and hair ties

  • Hair spray

  • Hair pins

  • Safety pins

  • Makeup wipes

  • Makeup for touch ups: Lip stick, lashes, powders

  • Costume cover

  • Drink bottle

  • Healthy snack

  • Any grips, straps, sport tape, kneepads or supports

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