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Leave Big Goals, 'Tiny Habits' will change your life.

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

So what is this 'Tiny Habits' concept?

Developed by the Director of Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford University - BJ Fogg, The 'Tiny Habits' concept is surprisingly simple, with real big impacts. It's a way to encourage and develop very small habits which let you lead a fulfilling life.

The core of this concept is based on how habits are formed. BJ Fogg believes that the behaviours that make up tiny habits consist of three things:

  1. Motivation

  2. Ability

  3. Triggers

So basically small habits eventually form a big role in maintaining a long and fulfilling life.

Studies have shown that you can apply this principle to any area of your life and you will achieve significant positive results, including the area of attaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Let us see a few tiny habits that will change your life forever:

1) Start your day with a glass of water in the morning. With busy lives, we often forget to provide water to our bodies throughout the day, and when we get the chance we end up replenishing our thirst with cold or hot beverages instead of water. So, develop a tiny habit by triggering yourself: leave a glass of water beside the bed when you fall asleep ready for the next morning, also have a glass out at your work station or your office. Perhaps even try carrying a water bottle as a reminder and a simple habit of finishing the entire contents of that water bottle. Flush those toxins with this simple tiny habit.

2) Stretch every hour. Alert yourself with a simple alarm or a gentle reminder on your phone. Extensive studies have proved that sitting for extended time periods has so many negative impacts on both your physical and mental wellbeing. At times, a simple break like leaving your chair and giving stretching to give us a break is good enough.

So, develop a tiny habit of perhaps doing a small stretch or a simple stretching/standing yoga asana or even going for a quick few steps walk and if that's too hard then just stand up where you are, reach over your head, take a deep breath, touch your toes, roll your shoulders.

3) It is imperative to have a good 6-8 hour sleep cycle. Sleep rejuvenates the body and replenishes your lost energy levels. People who do not sleep well often look diminished and worn out. A huge percentage of people struggle to develop good sleeping habits.

One more tiny habit that can help you here is getting into your bed at a set time and ending your night with gratitude or a simple word of thanks. It can help you to build confidence, provide you with new energy and outlook.

And if still, this is too much, start today by jotting down everything on your mind for a few minutes at the end of the day or maybe just a thank you note to yourself every night.

4) Eating healthy food and a good amount of protein and vitamins is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Incorporating a balanced diet with fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables, and antioxidants is the perfect recipe for wellness, but as simple as it may seem, in the end, we all are guilty of skipping our meals and then eating too many carbs to fill that hunger.

Here is another tiny habit that you can start from tomorrow, just carry a small bag of nuts with you. Or anything that is protein-rich will help stave off those hungry moments and it will also keep you away from those breaking points when you’ll eat anything in sight, no matter what the calorie count is.

5) For mental health, you can adopt tiny habits like keeping your favourite art supplies in your reach - like on your desk, perhaps in your living room. You don’t have to force yourself or even expect yourself to create in a certain number of minutes or finish a piece, all you have to do is just keep them out, in reach, so that when you feel like doodling around with something artistic, it is effortless.

6) Having physical activity in our daily regime is very important and studies say that even a 20-30 minutes walk every day can add a few more healthy years to your life. However, we all know that fitness and exercising can be hard because it tends to be laborious, boring and at times not so exciting.

Just develop a simple tiny-habit of getting out of bed every morning and putting your shoes on. Or perhaps your habit could be to turn up to your favourite dance studio every evening and let loose.

'Tiny Habits' is a fantastic concept that can change your life. These tiny changes can essentially act as hacks in life which will eventually trigger responses that will create good habits and a fulfilling lifestyle. Learn more about the amazing concept of 'Tiny habits' by BJ Foggs by reading more about it here.

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