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Silks - It is not as Scary as it Looks

Many people are deterred from trying a Silks class because they are intimidated by the apparatus. I promise, it is not as scary as it looks!

I know I was scared because of the lack of support the apparatus appeared to have BUT after your first class, it gets a lot more comfortable. Trust me, I would know.

When I started Silks, I was definitely nervous. There are these two long bits of fabric and I am meant to do tricks on them?!? No way, I didn’t think I had the strength to do that. But when I took the class (with a lot of encouragement from my friends) I found that the average amount of strength I had, was perfect for the beginner class. Regardless, doing Silk Classes builds up your strength and the longer you do the class, the more strength you get. It’s a great way to get stronger instead of doing some boring workout at the gym.

A big fear that people have with Silks is not being flexible enough. What you will find with this apparatus, is when your skillset grows, your flexibility level does too. So, don’t stress about whether or not you can do the splits or if you have a flexible back; you don’t need those skills to try Silks and enjoy it.


The skills in Silks, although they look difficult, are possible to learn when you have a good attitude and instructor. Here at Z Fit Studios, we have amazing instructors who are eager to help those who want to learn how to use Silks.

“Coming to Silks isn’t about being strong, flexible and able, it’s about becoming those things and learning.” Addy (Silks Instructor Z Fit Studios)

Addy believes that the most important part of Silks is learning and having fun. Instead of focusing on things you can’t do, build up the skills you already have and you’ll find that with time, your skills grow.

Now that I’ve convinced you that Silks is a great class, here are some things you should

know before you go to your first class:

1. Wear leggings! This will make it easier to use the apparatus. I wore shorts to class once and it was very difficult because of the friction caused by my skin.

2. Bring a drink bottle. Silks is a great class for fitness but remember that it is for fitness. It may get pretty hot and sweaty. Bring a drink of water to stay hydrated and energized.

3. Go barefoot. It’s hard to use the apparatus with socks on and shoes damage the fabric, so barefoot is the best way to go.

4. A friend! Bring a friend along for a fun time with your best mate. Don’t have a friend willing to come? No problem, the friendly atmosphere in class makes it super easy to make friends anyway.

5. A learning mindset. You’ll find you have a better time in class with an open and ready to learn mindset. Staying open to challenges and new skills is a great way to ensure that you get the most out of your class.

While trying new things can be daunting, we shouldn't let this stop us. It may look difficult and confusing but with time and practice, you’ll find that Silks isn’t scary at all. Rather it is fun and exciting and good for you.

Go out and book your first class now!

Maddi is a 15-year-old student and instructor at Z Fit Studios. She has been a student at Z Fit Studios for 4 years and currently teaches K-Pop. Maddi loves photography, jazz, and Broadway theatre.


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