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Why do you dance?


To dance, you have to be in shows and competitions... right?


This is a common thought for people who don’t dance. This creates a stigma around dancing that you need to be the very best to dance. BUT dancing is so much more than that!

The socialising, fitness, and creativity that is involved in dancing; makes dancing enjoyable all by itself. We propose that you don’t need to aspire to perform on a big stage in front of an audience. Simply do what you’re excited and motivated to do.

What I consider to be the best part of dance is the socialisation within the class. The dance studio is a place full of like-minded people that you spend time with and get to know. It is the perfect place to find friends! I have always found people at Z Fit Studios to be great people full of life and who know how to have a good laugh. There is no pressure to be the best dancer, rather it is encouraged just to attend class and be you.

Everyone will tell you that fitness and exercise are great for your mental health and they aren’t wrong. Exercise is a great stress reliever! Additionally, because mental and physical health are so closely linked, when your body is in great shape, your mind will be too!

“Oh, you do dance? How many competitions have you won?” This idea that every dancer must compete in order to be a dancer is wrong.

Being a dancer is about dancing. Dance is about being present and doing your best. A long term goal like winning a competition, while great, should never be the focus or priority. Whether you are at home, in a studio or on a stage we can all be dancers.

Consequently, we encourage our students to make goals that are SMART.

SMART goals are easier to achieve, help you improve and often are more realistic than vague long term goals. Check out this article for more on SMART goals. Also have a look at this article about tiny habits.

Here are some examples of SMART goals to have in dancing:

  1. Attend ten classes of Hip Hop by June 2021

  2. Learn how to do my full splits by attending the ‘Strength and Stretch Class’ in 2021

  3. Try a new class by July 2021

  4. Get a double pirouette by August 2021

  5. Ask at least two questions in my next ballet class

  6. Learn how to do a ballet bun by April 2021


Now it is your turn! Try writing a SMART goal. This goal can be underpinned by the idea that you are coming along to dance for the love and fun of it. Rather than trying to be the best or win all the competitions.

We have all seen ‘Dance Moms.’


We have all seen the battlefield that dance can become on TV but this is not the culture of Z Fit Studios. At Z Fit Studios we are flexible, considerate and do our best to make sure you are NOT on a battlefield. Z Fit Studios want you to have a lot of fun, learn new skills and make new friends.

In conclusion, there are so many reasons to dance simply for the love of it! Do not be deterred from dance because of silly expectations or the idea that you need to be the best.

Just keep developing your skills and giving it a go.

See you in class!

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