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Case studies have shown that employers/organizations can save over 10% per year in work-related production costs and health-related expenses when their employees participate in some form of corporate fitness and/or wellness programs. In addition to these savings, also comes lower absenteeism and attrition levels. Z FIT Studios can come to your workplace as a way to get your staff laughing, motivated, fit and healthy. Workplace Zumba® can be done as a once-off event, or on a regular basis tailored to your workplace requirements and setting. Employees are the most important asset of any business. A happy, confident and healthy employee increases productivity and efficiency in the workplace. A lot of employees today don't have the time for after-work fitness—so combining Zumba® into a lunch break or before work is far more efficient and beneficial. It can be said that a fit employee has greater confidence, higher productivity, less absenteeism, more motivation and lower stress levels. 


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