I have been attending Z Fit Studios for 4 years now, I started with just one class and I’m now doing up to 4 a week. I came to the Studio on my own after seeing them at different events in Bendigo including Relay for Life and the Easter Parade. Z Fit has helped me become so much more than I thought I was! It has helped me become the woman I know I am meant to be. Z Fit has helped with my fitness and health but just as importantly I have grown in confidence, I now feel beautiful in my skin and I have brought back my happy. Z Fit is more than just a dance fitness studio it’s a family. You get this feeling just from walking in the doors and being greeted by happy staff who are genuinely glad to see you and more than willing to go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and supported. But it’s not just the staff, it’s also the other members who become your friends with similar interests, they too welcome you with open arms to join in and have fun dancing and getting fit. Without that care and atmosphere I wouldn't be where I am today. I keep going to Z Fit for many reasons: the staff, other members, the many types of dances styles we learn, the costumes we get to dress in and the fitness I get from going without even knowing it; but most importantly is the friends and family I get to spend my time with each time I walk in the doors.

- Amanda Downing


I first started attending Z Fit as part of their summer class program to keep active while all my other programs were taking a break over Christmas and New Year. Z Fit were the only place that still had timetables with instructors running over the break period which suited me perfectly. The Tyre Express class was a brilliant short interval circuit session that worked your entire body and you were definitely feeling it by the end of the class. I enjoyed the class and the instructors so much that I decided to keep doing regular classes even after Christmas break ended. Everyone was so incredibly welcoming and positive that it really made you feel like you were part of a team. Being very active with my team sports this was incredibly important to me. Even though I didn't have any dance experience it didn't put me off attending any classes. I even started taking up some pole classes to help increase my upper body and core strength. I honestly never thought I could do something like this, but Saari and the team were fantastic. Such great knowledge, encouragement and motivation to get even the most uncoordinated dancers to dance like superstars is such a real asset to have at Z Fit. I don't ever feel like I am pressured into getting a dance move that I am struggling with. You simply take it at your own pace. There's no competitions just a bunch of people having fun and dancing together. I have made lifelong friends already in the short time I have been there. I enjoy seeing these people every week and working together to achieve something. It is an amazing feeling when you finally get a move that you have been struggling with and you see all the smiling faces of your friends who have been encouraging you all the way. I really enjoy going to class every week as it gives me a break from the daily same old. It's a great way to relieve stress and feel positive about yourself, even on the worst days - and we all have those!

- Laura Flanagan



When I first came to Z Fit Studios, I had recently moved to Bendigo and didn't know anyone here.  With Z Fit's personal and friendly approach, it was not long before I felt like I was meeting up with a group of friends at classes.  Even though I have no experience in dance, I can come to classes, sing along, give it my best go, and totally enjoy myself, so it's something I always look forward to!  I definitely have been made to feel like one of the Z Fit family.

- Wendy Kerr


At first I had concerns about not being fit enough or coordinated enough to attend classes At Z Fit, but I soon found these concerns were not warranted.  They welcomed me with open arms. I love how Z Fit provides a range of options to cater for all body shapes, sizes and fitness levels. No matter what has happened during the day I always leave Z Fit with a smile. A range of classes ensures I never become bored and allows me to be creative and challenged or just relax and take time for myself, all while having fun and laughing.  So if you are looking for a way to shake up your fitness routine this is it! No prior experience is necessary but daily laughs, fun and fitness guaranteed.

- Jess Brady


Z Fit has definitely changed and improved my life, in fact it has literally saved my life. It has united my daughter and I whilst taking regular classes together. The impact that is has had on us mentally, spiritually and physically, words can’t explain. Z Fit, the staff and students mean the world to me. 

- Rae Green


Who would have thought that at 55 years of age I could become a dancer! More to the point a POLE DANCER! 6 months ago by pure luck I found Z Fit on the Internet, these people have changed my life! The encouragement I have received from the Z Fit family has enabled me to try pole dancing, aerial dance, jazz and burlesque dance and many other dance based classes. My fitness, strength, flexibility and confidence have all improved tremendously. I think the difference at Z Fit is that it never feels like a competition. It's not about being the best, it's about doing your best, having a go and having fun!


Thank you Z Fit! 

- Debra Cormack


I have been attending Z Fit for 4 years. What I love is that no matter who you are, how old or what size you are made to feel welcome by the staff. Being part of Z Fit is like being part of a family, which is why so many of us refer to it as our Z Fit family. I started attending Zumba then I did a 12 week challenge and maintenance program over which time I lost 12 kilos. The thing that kept me coming back to Z Fit wasn't just the physical changes I noticed, yes, I was fitter than I had been in years, but it was the emotional support, I felt better about myself than I ever had.

My daughters then discovered monkey kids, and hammock kids, watching them develop strength, fitness and confidence, under the caring guidance of Saari and her staff has been icing on the cake for my experience at Z Fit. 

- Liz Young


I have been attending Z Fit Studios for the past 7 months since relocating to Bendigo and can honestly say it has been one of the best parts of my relocation. I discovered Z Fit Studios while looking online for yoga classes. Being new to the area, Z Fit's sense of community has assisted me to develop wonderful connections with a number of other participants. I look forward to my sessions every week and absolutely love the aerial classes. There is always plenty fun in every session and recognition of individual achievements. I love the increased level of self-confidence I experience every time I master a new trick. No matter what age, size, shape or ability, you will honestly always feel welcomed and encouraged by everyone at Z Fit Studios."

- Emma Best


I have been a member of Z Fit for just over 2 years now, I never thought I'd be joining a fitness club at 50. I found the minute I started at Z Fit the staff, instructors and members were so welcoming and never judgmental. I have never met such a supportive and helpful group of girls. I wanted to join Z Fit to do something for myself, to meet people and have fun; so getting fit and toning up has been an even bigger bonus. I've never found it easy to make friends or be around large groups, but surprisingly I find myself signing up for more and more classes, and hanging out with so many new people. One of the biggest things I have gained in my time at Z Fit is confidence, I have grown so much, I never thought I could honestly say that I am so proud of myself. I have had so many great opportunities including get-togethers outside of the studio, never have I been so social before! I absolutely love burlesque and vintage dolls, dressing up and dancing and wearing heels makes a girl’s life complete, but in saying that I really love doing body sculpt, pound and tyre express which push my body and allow me to enjoy the rewards of toning. I highly recommend Z Fit to any one of any age, even my granddaughters are enjoying aerial yoga, there is something for all ages and all levels of fitness. I have met so many girls of all ages, we all have fun together, come join us, it's never too late!

- Sharon Turk

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Since its inception, Z Fit Studios has become an integral part of the Greater Bendigo Community and strives to be a force for good that creates positive change through involvement in Relay for Life, RED25 & the Bendigo Easter Parade, to name a few. Join today to be the part of this great local story!!!

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