The Lockdown Challenge 1.2

Times are tough, no one can deny it. But a true champion is the one who keeps going in the toughest of times, a true leader is the one who leads others and ensures that no one is left behind.

Z Fit Studios has always been about creating an amazing community. We have been a powerhouse of inspiration, creativity, community and more, where "YOU" all have been core and centre of who we are.

Once again, during these tough times, we have created this opportunity where we all can come together & help each other out. Right now is the time when some of us need another reason, motivation or just a simple caring friend to keep moving. Here we launch another amazing online/virtual challenge that you can join with your family and friends.

Bring on your fire and all your strength as you become a force that inspires others too.


While you do that we have some amazing prizes!

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